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Shared Leadership in Schools
On-line, Fall 2008

Research has consistently demonstrated the “primacy” of the principal, for creating school climate and conditions necessary for teacher professionalism and for leading school innovation and improvement. However, schools are generally not successful when principals are the only source of leadership. In fact, most research on the matter points to the indirect effects of principal leadership on student outcomes, including student achievement and engagement. A range of teacher-related concepts, such as teacher leadership, instructional quality, collective efficacy, trust, satisfaction, and commitment, mediate the relationship between the principal and students. These findings all point to the need for teachers to share in developing school vision and ideas for improvement, participating on site-based leadership teams, and making decisions about matters close to their work in classrooms. Shared leadership refers to all parties who come together in leadership teams, governing bodies, or committees to jointly make decisions required to manage the school and improve the learning environment. Indeed, shared leadership can extend to support staff, community members, and students, though the concerted effort of principals and teachers is the focus of this course.

Shared Leadership in Schools-syllabus.pdf